Payment Options

Payment and Confirmation

Payment options are Bank wire, BCA Klikpay and Major credit cards.

BCA Bank wire          - If you are a BCA account holder, you can choose the BCA icon on the payment method when checkout.

Bank wire                   - If you are other banks holder other than BCA, you can choose bank wire when checkout

DOKU Myshortcart  - If you wish to pay by credit cards or BCA klikpay, please checkout with DOKU as method of your payment.

Domestic Customers

Mattina Notte accepts bank transfer for domestic customers.

Bank transfers only available via BCA at the moment. However, we also accept all major credit cards payment if you wish to pay by credit cards.

Payment should be made strictly in 24 hours (1 day) after check out. We will automatically send an invoice to your email.
If you are unable to make the transfer and confirm your order within 24 hours, your orders will be automatically expired.
You can place order again but we can not guarantee the availability of our products. FYI, most of our products are only available 1 piece for every style and size.

Payment confirmation SHOULD BE MADE strictly after you paid your order, otherwise we can not confirm your order.
You can make the confirmation easily by filling the “Payment Confirmation” link at Top Right of Navigation.

Keep your order number so you can confirm your order.
BCA 7630115447 - Yunita Edy Yanto

International Customers

For international customers, all major credit cards (visa/mastercard) are accepted. Please ensure your shipping address SHOULD BE the same with the credit cards verified address. Otherwise, we could not ship your order.